Inspired Virtuals have an exceptionally short adoption curve.

Case Study, Italy 


€0 to €80m
total stakes in three months 

We worked with our partners
on understanding their needs

We adjusted our product offering ensuring
quick adoption curve right from the start

Significant and incremental
growth in total GGR

Innovative software allows
us to cut costs for our customers

Total monthly EURm stakes since deployment, Italy

Case Study, China

 Inspired Virtuals now represent 33% of sales in Human sports lottery shops

In the first 10 weeks after its official launch on 30 August 2011, the total sales of “Lucky Racing” game exceeded RMB300 million (US $47 million)

The “Lucky Racing” virtual sports betting game has been rolled out to c.1,900 lottery shops in Hunan province

Nationwide rollout to multiple distributed venues – lottery shops, KTV’s, convenience stores and bars


Case Study, UK

Turnover increase

UK virtuals turnover has increased from 3% to 10% of total over-the-counter betting

Scheduled events increase

UK virtuals events have increased from 40 per day to 800+

Complimentary channel

Virtuals was initially launched in developed betting markets to compliment the existing schedule of live events

Incremental revenues

Virtuals now generates a significant amount of operators income in its own right

Case Study, UK Mobile

Our clients are driving further growth by deploying Virtuals on additional channels

In this case of Mobile launch, total GGR increased by 200% in Month 1

Online has stayed fairly consistent and is retaining existing players

Mobile is acquiring new players monthly and retaining them


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