Core Sapient

For operators with a SAS host system


  • For operators who want games from the widest range of third party game developers, using the Inspired Open GDK
  • For operators who need a SAS system to integrate with their casino management system or regulatory monitoring system, but also want a second channel gathering rich atomic data that SAS doesn’t provide
  • For operators who want to integrate third party cabinets that don’t support SAS into their SAS host system, by using the Inspired Inside programme

For operators who have a SAS accounting system and would like to replace it with a G2S management system in future.

Core Sapient

Is the one Retail Content Platform 

Which offers an upgrade path to our Core Connect platform supporting the same library of content – including third-party integration on the same range of cabinets – and connection to a third-party management system using the G2S protocol

Unlike other platforms whose content libraries are specific to the platform

Content delivery platform to run in a VLT market with the Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol via a
third-party SAS operator system

SSG VLT terminal platform to be sold alongside Core GMS

Server-supported gaming terminal suitable for any GLI-11 (or GLI-11-derived) jurisdiction operating with a SAS host system

Regulated markets

Suitable for street and casino estates

Operators/markets that have selected the SAS protocol to be the financial control for its territory

Operators that haven’t yet specified a host system, but unlikely to be able to afford to move to G2S in the near future


Transfer funds
Insert cash
Play games


Interact with central system for content/configuration/ estate management and remote support
Key financial reports from Inspired or via SAS host

Third-party integration of content – track record in the UK, Italy, Colombia & Spain.
Inspired Inside service converts a third-party cabinet enabling the use of the Inspired platform and content: Colombian Machete cabinet is built locally and contains the Inspired tech kit, platform and content as well as third-party content; also WMS cabinet integration for UK B1 and Italy VLT with Merkur/Apex

Quick to market in GLI-11-derived markets because of GLI-11 compliance

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