For operators in street or government monopoly gaming companies in regulated markets.


Core Hub

Is for operators who want a turnkey gaming management system that they can install and operate themselves in regulated gaming markets.

Is for operators who want the widest possible range of 3rd party cabinets and content by using the G2S protocol to easily integrate any 3rd party G2S cabinet into their central system.

Is for operators in street gaming markets who want to make optimal use of their bandwidth and don’t want expensive site controllers in every venue.

Is for operators who want to integrate their existing player management and loyalty systems into their land-based gaming systems to provide a genuine omnichannel player experience.

Product Type: Turnkey Open Standard Gaming Management System

Open-standard G2S-based system capable of managing compatible server supported gaming cabinets from any vendor, in any distributed gaming estate type, especially in markets using GLI or GLI-derived regulations.

  • Providing operators with the widest range of open standard cabinets and games.
  • Providing operators of existing competitor G2S systems with a range of benefits:
    • More intuitive and power user interface to reduce learning curve and increase productivity.
    • Better, more atomic data and powerful tools for analysis and insight.
    • Adaptable system that can be optimised for small, street gaming venues, as well as large casino type venues.
  • Supports G2S – the open international standard for Server Supported Gaming machines from the Gaming Standards Association, allowing any G2S cabinet from any 3rd party to be connected, including Inspired CORE CONNECT cabinets.
  • In-venue G2S interpreter – the site controller parses the G2S messages and converts them to a more bandwidth efficient protocol meaning better system responsiveness in even the most remote venues with poor broadband or 3G connections.
  • Lightweight site controller – no data is permanently stored on the site controller, reducing cost because there is no need for costly data redundancy systems in every venue, while still guaranteeing complete data for the regulator.
  • Scalable venue architecture – in venues with only 1 or 2 VLTs the site controller can be dispensed with completely, and all venue functions accessed via a web application on a 3rd party device connected to the central system, keeping the per-cabinet overhead as low as possible.
  • Atomic game play data collection and powerful analytical tools.
  • Modular system architecture allows the operator to chose the modules that they want to buy, to fit any budget.

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