For senior system managers in street or government monopoly gaming companies in Lottery-regulated markets


Core Edge

For operators in markets with lottery regulations, or where cabinet daily net-win income is too low to support modern slot machines but regulators or the market require machine monitoring or a wide range of new games


  • A true server based gaming system where the player credit balance and game logic are all on the central server rather than the cabinet, whch just displays the game outcome
  • For operators where local regulations require game logic to be centrally located in the data centre
  • For operators where local regulations require true lottery style games, where prizes are determined by tickets drawn from a defined prize pool
  • For operators who need to keep cabinet cost low because of regulatory or market limits on daily net win, but who still want connected VLTs with the ability to easily add new games
  • For operators who want to provide scheduled draw or multiple session games where the player can carry a game session between devices
  • For operators in markets with very good internet speeds and latency who want a true server based gaming system
  • For regulators who want to be able to see game results, and have complete control over player activity and games, in real time

Product Type: Turnkey Proprietary Server Based Gaming Management System

The Inspired Core Edge system is a turnkey proprietary complete server-based gaming system for land-based gaming operators, with a wide range of third-party games:

  • For operators who want low cost, thin-client cabinets in emerging markets
  • For operators in highly connected markets where low machine income due to regulatory constraints mean that cabinet costs need to be carefully managed
  • For operators in markets where the regulations require true video lottery games where results are picked from a central ticket pool
  • For operators in markets where the regulations require true centrally determined games, no matter the style
  • Single vendor, server based gaming system – central system, cabinets and games are all provided by Inspired.
  • Inspired Open GDK allows customers to use any game from our Core Game Library of games from Inspired and a wide range of 3rd party game providers.
  • Inspired Inside allows customers to chose from a range of 3rd party cabinets as well as Inspired manufactured cabinets. The thin client nature of the client means that the client processor can be a lower specification than required by server-supported gaming, which can reduce costs. It also means that the operator can potentially source the cabinet in-country to reduce import costs and duties associated with gaming machines in many countries.
  • The IPP protocol used by the Core Edge system allows for the most efficient use of wide area bandwidth, and also allows for our comprehensive remote support and fix system.
  • Real time atomic game data collection provides a rich data source that is stored in the Inspired data warehouse and used for detailed reporting, analytics and insight.

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