Global Support Operations

Mission Statement

A team of highly-motivated, flexible and customer-focused individuals brought together to provide services, support, training & resources to all local service providers of SBG products across the globe, with four core objectives:

  • To help establish new SBG operations aligned to Inspired.
  • To create operational best practice.
  • To offer sound advice & counselling.
  • To provide ongoing customer services.

Working closely with the Global Service Engineering and Global Service Delivery teams, to ensure consistency of systems and processes across territories & customers.

Responsible for the control and security of Inspired’s assets in all territories.

Ownership and reporting of all known activity relating to global volume demand forecasting

  • Global demand consolidation from market teams
  • Weekly demand and stock reconciliation
  • Stock realignment and build proposals
  • Business plan alignment

Management of all global customer service activity relating to Inspired and customer owned hardware requirements:

  • Order acceptance
  • Order processing
  • Order tracking
  • Logistics
  • Customer acceptance and satisfaction

Management of operational acceptance criteria for new product introduction:

  • Technical and operational review
  • Product documentation – installation, service, spares catalogues
  • Training documentation
  • On and offsite training of internal and external engineering teams

Management of operational support activity relating to Inspired and customer owned hardware:

  • Ongoing parts refurbishment and supply
  • Installation and removal scheduling
  • Project management
  • Onsite installation and service escalation support

Global gaming machine related asset control

  • Asset location and storage
  • Asset movement and accountability
  • Asset allocation against forecast and customer order
  • Audit of asset database and reconciliation with physically   declared assets
  • Optimisation of all offsite assets

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